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Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Co., Ltd.

Established in 2001, Zhejiang DIAN Diagnostics Co., Ltd. isa third-party independent medical laboratory company carrying the core businessof providing testing service outsourcing.DIAN was publicly listed in July 2011which is the first independent medical laboratory successfullylisted (Stock code:300244) in this industry and it is also the first Chineseindependent medical lab that get publicly listed and has maintained a compoundgrowth rate of 40% for 6 consecutive years.

DIAN Diagnostics committed itself to providing “Integrated Solution of MedicalDiagnosis Service”, actively propelling the multiple-field openup of a third-partyindependent medical diagnosis platform and integrated development strategy of theupstream and downstream industrial chains.DIAN Diagnostics has a business scopecovering medical testing services, diagnostic products and service marketing,forensics, health examination, cold-chain logistics, diagnostic technologyresearch and development production, CRO, Biobanks and other fields. It has presentlylaid out more than 31franchised laboratories around China and passed ISO15189and CAP international Quality Certification. At present, DIAN Diagnosticsprovides services to over 12,000 medical institutions across China.

DIAN is dedicated to achieve innovation on diagnostictechnology platform. It has been approved as one of the first batch institutes forNGS in tumor diagnostics and treatment, one of China’s first batch of clinicalapplication demonstration centers forgenetic inspection technology, and a China’sthird party high performance medical equipment application demonstration center.It also maintains strategic cooperation with Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA),Americanforensic appraisal agency NMS, Maryland Chef Medical Office,South Korea SCLHealth Management Group and many other international well-known institutions.

With the deepening of new medical reformation, exacerbation of ageing society and therising of individualized diagnosis and treatment, DIAN will leverage the strongdevelopment momentum of health service industry. DIAN is committed to give afull play to its advantageous business mode, innovative technology R&D andperfected management system. DIAN takes “Equal Access to Healthcare” as its mission.We will also create a health industrial ecology system and achieve multiple-winsfor medical institution, government and the ordinary people.


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