Business Model

Version 1.0 Channel Agent: Provide High Quality in Vitro Diagnostic Products and Services

•DIAN opened up channel with numerous domestic in vitro diagnostic organizations and established product sales and service system covering medical institutions of all levels in Zhejiang, Beijing, Guangdong, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other places.

•The products are from Roche Diagnostics, Merrie, Johnson & Johnson, and HeisenMeikang and other international leading manufacturers.

Version 2.0 Service Outsourcing: Nationwide Chaining, Large-scale Replication of Independent Medical Laboratory

• Provincial Center: Built platform by itself to create technically advanced platform

• Regional Center: Cooperate and co-construct with the government

The regional inspection center built via PPP model. Consolidation of local inspectionresources was conducted.

• Secondary and below: Trusteeship, outsourcing and centralized purchasing. 

Through the way of the trusteeship and inspection section, it has been unified planning on establishing inspection section in inspection area to improve outsourcing penetration.


Version 3.0 in Co-construction: Overall Solution of Output, Cooperation and Co-management

Consultation suggestion and management output is provided to the hospital on technology and management. DIAN effectively improve the lab’s diagnostic technology knowhow, quality management level, lowering operation cost and improving operation efficiency.


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